Fudge Fatale The Ultimate Espresso Chocolate Sauce Case of 6

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Soy & Gluten Free.... Fudge Fatale The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Espresso Sauce combines our award-winning chocolate sauce and dark roasted espresso coffee to create a coffee and chocolate lovers dream sauce. Balanced to perfection this all-natural decadently darker chocolate espresso sauce satisfies even the most discriminating taste buds. This sauce is a an ice cream and dessert chocolate and coffee topping to die for. It also makes for a great fondue and drizzle to go into your coffee or bar drink. Or how about spreading it as a layer or frosting on a cake, pie or cupcake. It can also be used as an ingredient as well such as in a chocolate mousse. It can be reheated over and over and refrigerated indefinitely.
Case of 6 / 9.80 oz. each

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